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Chicken Saltimbocca

7 Mar

My first attempt at cooking with wine! (…and not consuming the entire bottle before the actual cooking)

Chicken Saltimbocca was delicious!  I’m still on the fence about the taste that the sage added to the dish, but the husband really enjoyed it and packed the leftovers to take to work.


Day 1: Cooking-Baked Chicken Parmesan

3 Mar

Last night, I embarked upon my first recipe following journey.  Prior cooking experiments were basically just me guessing at ingredients based on a fun game of “What Would Taste Good?”  I followed this recipe from SkinnyTaste, which is an excellent Weight Watchers friendly site that my friend Inthia (who is celebrating her birthday today) introduced me to.  The meal was low in calories and pretty tasty.  In a supreme housewife-esque move, I made enough to pack some leftovers for the husband to take to work and enjoy as the today’s lunch.

Now, off to Disneyland to celebrate Ms. Inthia’s birthday!