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Clipping Coupons with My Momma

6 Mar

Today, we visited my parents.  More accurately, we brought The Captain to visit my parents.After my mother (who at one point was deathly afraid of dogs) finished rolling around on the floor with the puppy and after she had finished singing several lullabies to him before his nap, she showed me the fine art of clipping coupons.  For as long as I can remember, my mother had always been an avid coupon clipper.  We used to tease her about her massive coupon collection and her organizing system that consisted of about 20 categorized envelopes.  When I told her about my plan to make dinners at home, save money and become the 1950s housewife that I always wanted to be, she gifted me with a great little coupon organizer that she had purchased some time ago that could not house her coupon stockpile and she plopped the Sunday paper on the dinner table and we clipped away together.

I’m looking forward to calling her and impressing her with my savings after my next big grocery trip.