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My First Two Meal Day!

5 Mar

The first Saturday of this 50’s housewife project prompted the first two meal day.  The Creme Brulee French Toast had to soak overnight, so I prepared on Friday night.  Fridays evenings used to be spent swigging booze and chain-smoking, but as we get older it seems like every now and then a quieter, tamer Friday evening gets to sneak in more often.  I’ve decided that those Fridays will be followed by delicious breakfast Saturdays!

Behold, the glory of Creme Brulee French Toast:

I am not usually a morning person, but when I started this new project, something bizarre happened.  I’ve started waking up earlier.  I suppose this will come in very handy as soon as school is officially back in session.

Now onto the second meal of the day.  Dinner was Garlic Seafood (I used a seafood mix that had shrimp, scallops and squid instead of the plain shrimp that the recipe called for) and Jalapeno Rice.  The rice was inspired by the Scallion Cilantro Rice with Habaneros featured on SkinnyTaste.  It was the first time that my husband, who is not very food adventurous actually willingly ate squid.  So far, this is my most favorite meal.  It was easy to make, the actual seafood dish took less than 10 minutes to make and I made the rice ahead of time with my trusty ultra fancy rice cooker.