My name is Marie, most people call me Ri and a select few call me Mayi

Here’s a photo of me and my husband Joe on our wedding day:

Here’s a photo of us in front of a car that I have been in love with for most of my life (no, it is not mine):

This is me and my little brother.  I love him to pieces even though we verbally abuse each other frequently:

This is my best friend.  We have spent many drunken nights together.  He is the Copper to my Todd:

When I first moved out of my parents home and into an apartment of my own, these are the boys I moved in with.  We had one bedroom, one bathroom and a duck:

Yes ladies, be jealous.  When I was a young lass, these were the faces I woke up to every day:

(sometimes after a long night of drinking, smoking, talking and laughing the 3 of us find ourselves waking up to each other all over again)

Last but not least, this is Captain Noah Hampton.  He is my partner in crime.  We slow dance frequently:

He used to be a puppy:

YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED A THEME HERE.  Yes.  I am surrounded.  By boys.


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